My Little Blue Pony is Art Pony Collectors Delight!

Collectors of toy or artistic ponies will be delighted and excited to see this My Little Blue Pony. The little pony with bright blue mane and tail and painted all blue with floral, diamond, bird and other motifs will brighten up any space it occupies. The little one looks so young and agile and will definitely bring the room alive with its vibrant blue presence.

blue my little pony doll

It truly amazes how little toys have become collectibles. It reminds one of good old wooden toys, dolls and puppets which have now become museum pieces depicting the art and imagination of yester-years. The Art pony collection too will surely find such a place in some museum in distant future, and in fact Hasbro art pony collection deserves a place in any art gallery; The poise and look of the little pony is so perfect. If you are into collecting toys as collectibles then do check out The Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds Barbie Doll or The Titanic Barbie Doll.

This Little Pony seems to be a promise of innocence and agility. There are many an artists who are obsessed with painting, sculpting and creating horse or ponies, and this beautiful painted pony will surely find a place in art studios. The artistically inclined and pony collectors will definitely love to get one of these little horses as gifts. The little pony comes in a visible box and costs $11.49.