Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Barbie Doll

Anyone who has watched Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller The Birds will never ever forget the scary tale of a small town in San Francisco Bay where beautiful young Melanie and many others are attacked by innumerable birds. Well, die-hard fans of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense films and Barbie dolls will really rejoice to see this Alfred Hitchcock The Birds Barbie doll. This one is truly a good gift and collectible item.

alfred hitchcock the birds barbie doll

Little girls who collect and idolize Barbie in various roles and forms will find this scared Barbie troubled by three birds quite different from the rest of the collection of dolls. She looks vulnerable, scared as she is attacked by three black birds. The birds, Barbie and Alfred Hitchcock’s classical film all come remarkably alive. This is true celebration of innocence and refined taste. The doll with three real fake birds is 11 ½ inches tall and comes for $24.90.

And those who have not yet seen the movie this Barbie doll will give a reason to dig out and watch Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.  The movie is scarier than Barbie’s expression here. One only hopes that the nightmarish film won’t make one hide The Birds Barbie Doll forever!

And if the film indeed scares you then trust Barbie to soothe your nerves too. You can try listening to some music on the Barbie MP3 Player.