Pink Computer Keyboard Can Woo Blondes

Pink is definitely an integral part of a girl’s like, much like a basic necessity. I am really amazed that how one color has influenced choices for women all over the world. We earlier bought the Pink USB keyboard in translucent pink color and here is another one, not from the same makers though.

pink computer keyboard

The plastic pink color could be a problem when you think of teaming it up with the rest of your computer peripherals. Otherwise, at the first sight it can excite any girl for that matter. $50 is yet too much for a plain functional keyboard, but the makers are probably charging a premium for the opportunity that ships with this keyboard-wooing a Blond! Since blondes are considered to be a bunch of idiots, its expected that they’ll fall for anything that is just plain simple pink, with or without any utility.  Its keys read out some interesting stuff like Enter key says “Yes! I Want It” while Back Space is marked “Oops!”, “Way Up” and “Way Down” stands for Page Up and Page Down as “NO!” is for Esc. From the image, I can see ” the big one” printed on the space bar key. Need I say anything further ?!