The 120-Zipper Dress Design: Are you game for it?

After having seen this dress, raunchy thoughts might just run through your mind. Have no worries, this is a common chemical reaction in one’s brain and it was intended by the maker too.  Well, even the word stunning would fail to do justice to this 120-zipper dress.

zipper woman dress

The folks at Geekolgie suggest that the actually number of zippers is definitely not what the name suggest, probably it is just to garner attention. Its something that looks as subtle and formal as office-wear when zipped completely, but when you begin the task of unzipping selectively, you’ realize how dangerous the dress can get. The only thing you need to experiment with different possibilities is a curvy body and the dress will take care of everything. The best part is it lets you highlight or draw attention to places you want. A word of caution though, you got to use this dress with discretion. Sebastian Errazuriz is the designer behind this and can expect a lot of appreciation flowing in both from males ( who intend seeing their chicks in this ) and females ( who want to conspire against the guy she had a crush on).

Via: Geekologie