Cool Barbie Touchscreen MP3 Player

You are probably wondering what a mirror, a lady and a Gadget Her have got in common, and this cool gadget bringing Barbie in the picture answers that. 


This cool gadget is no other then the Barbie B2 Touchscreen MP3 player which includes a make-up mirror and in my opinion is a must have music gadget for the young ladies.  It is designed to look exactly like a compact mirror that fits easily in any hand purse or fashion bag, making it easy to carry no matter where you go.

Any woman would love to add this new music player to her fashion accessories collection, for it is a practical MP3 player, make-up mirror and a Barbie product all in one. The Capacity of this gadget is 2GB so its enough to storage a lot of music you like, and it also features VR (voice recording) and a FM radio.

Via: Aving