Wheeme Massage Robot Helps You Relax After a Long Day

This stress-relief robot may not be the latest model in its field, but it definitely is very functional, as it helps you forget about your problems after a long day at work.

Who would have thought that a palm-sized gadget could ever be able to make you get relaxed in a matter of minutes? The Wheeme massage and relaxation robot walks on your back and helps you reach your happy place with the help of three settings. Depending if you prefer a gentle or a rough massage, the robot’s four small wheels, vibrations and nylon “fingerettes” get adjusted to comply with your needs.

Wheeme was showcased at CES a couple of years ago, and since then, various tech sites covered it, praising its qualities. Check out the following video to get an idea about how the Wheeme massager looks and works in real life:

The Wheeme stress-relief robot is available in three different colors (white, red, and blue) and can be purchased on Amazon for $74.99. Depending on your taste, you can get it in your favorite color and get it running right away.

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