Lady GaGa Barbie Dolls Are a Tad Weird

There is hardly any girl who hasn’t played with Barbie dolls or admired them in their childhood days. If you too belong to this league and would love to rekindle your childhood passion for Barbie – albeit with a difference, why not get a Lady GaGa Barbie doll?


Designed by veik11, these Lady GaGa Barbie dolls are modeled on the American songwriter, singer, and performance artist – Lady Gaga. Just like Lady Gaga, these Barbie dolls have a look that’s similar to what this fashion icon and pop culture sensation showcases. With a Lady Gaga styled hair (with inputs and innovation from the artist though), these Barbie dolls look somewhat different from their usual looks that we are usually used to see. However, it sure makes it all the more interesting to see how music and fashion blends so effortlessly and we have Barbie dolls modeled on Lady Gaga, who is said to be inspired by fashion, which she insists is a vital element to her songwriting as well as performances.

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