Warm Up Your Freezing Hands With “USB Sheep Heating Gloves”

Freezing hands is a very common problem, especially in those chilly winter days, or if the room is air-conditioned. Whether you are in the middle of a happening game, or working on your computer, but freezing hands slows down your hand’s responses and it is a total mess to move your fingers on the keyboard. The USB Sheep Heating Gloves is the best medicine to this disease, giving instant relief to your freezing hand.

Sheep Heating Gloves

USB Sheep Heating Gloves

Cutely designed like a sheep, the USB Heating Gloves is featured with an in-built warming pad and powered by USB to defrost your hands. Weighing just 146g, this pair of cute gloves works great with any device having USB port. All you need to do is plug in the USB gloves into the USB port and the warming pad is heated up in no sooner than five minutes.

PlugnPlay Your Sheep Heating Gloves

Be it your PC, Mac, Wii, Xbox360 or PlayStation 3 – with USB Sheep Heating Gloves in your hand, let your normal finger move as normal for gaming, typing or in controlling of mouse. Priced Approximately USD $22.50, this heating gloves helps you increase your productivity even in chilled temperature.

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Via: [USB Brando]