A Flash Drive Disguised as a Folder

One of the most common icons on our PC is the folder icon, and i just love it! Creating a new folder helps me organize my files and arrange them, I love it when the explorer shows those folders stacked one inside the other, the sense of a having a virtual cabinet which neatly and safely stores all your files is very satisfying. And all this because the folder icon is extremely pleasing to the eye. Now here is a flash drive disguised as a folder, and of course it does look cool. This Folderix flash drive has a posh look, comes in an Aluminum shell in three different colors and a laser engraved logo.


I have been recently coming across several different kinds of flash drives, the simplest one I  saw was without any decorative appeal, just the chip with four bars on it, a 4 GB drive, and for protecting that chip there was a coin sized circular rubber cover, wherein the chip is inserted. It is just too boring! I am sure it serves the purpose and satisfies people who think as long as a gadget serves the function, no matter how it looks. But I am also sure that most people would pick up a colorful looking folderix from Artlebedev as opposed to a dull and boring chip drive! After looking at these colorful Folderix flash drives, I also like the idea of having colored folders on my computer…wonder how can i make that happen?

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