My Documents as a Laptop Sleeve

Laptops are in, and so are laptop carry bags! Be it a laptop bag pack, a laptop sleeve, or a laptop bag, everyone who owns a laptops surely has all three. A laptop sleeve is the simplest and most compact form of packing and protecting your designer laptops to carry around wherever you go.

laptop sleeve My Documents

Imagine a large ‘My Documents’ folder being carried around, would it not make people wonder what you are carrying inside it? This bag which says ‘My Documents’ on top is a reminder that our laptops are very precious and hold all our important documents, files and secrets.

my documents laptop bag

The best way to market a product is to make it so close to base that it hits home run with everyone, this is the idea behind designing this laptop bag, which brings home the idea of having all your documents in one bag…just that you are carrying it on your computer this time. Besides the utility, the obvious idea of the bag will make heads turn as you flaunt this bag. This laptop sleeve made of neoprene can fit a laptop of a maximum size of around 15.4 inches, keeping your laptop scratch free. It is available for $29.99 with a pixelated cursor pin that has also been included in the design to give the bag design a realistic feel.

laptop sleeve