A Barcoded Doormat for Geeky Homes

A warm welcome into any house is what everyone likes, and there are several things that can make a house more welcoming to people. You can have potted plants and a lawn which is very soothing and welcoming, patio furniture that lets people rest a while, welcome messages at the door and also doormats which now come in different shapes, sizes, colors and ideas! This particular doormat is barcoded, not just for the price tag, but barcode is the inherent design.


We as humans like to organize things and find them at ease, with all the information possible in one single go, that is what a barcode tag assists us with. The idea of having all the information about that product and identifying it by a single unique entry of that barcode is simple and efficient. Some must haveĀ  realized that importance of a barcode in our lives and has pushed forth the idea in the form of a doormat for everyone to notice at your doorstep at just $19.99. It can especially be your iconic doormat if you are an extremely organized person! Also to perfectly complement the door mat, you can wear these cute mop slippers and strut around.