Pacman Heat Changing Mug: an Absolutely Funky Coffee Mug

Is it that your favorite Pacman is making a comeback? Well, how’s that if I say he never left only from your life. Yes, to make it more clear, Pacman is back again in your life with the Pacman or Pacboy Heat Changing Mug. Good news to you all, the real fan of retro gaming, your favorite Pac-Man hero is here to share your favorite moments.

Pac Man Heat Changing Mug

The Pacman or Pac Boy Heat Changing Mug is really something interesting. Fill your mug with your favorite hot beverage and watch out the monsters disappear. But be aware, no sooner than you can think, they might return back again. It is a great time playing around with your favorite yellow video game hero with a cup full of hot cocoa or hot chocolate.

Pac Man Heat Sensitive MugBe it for the Christmas, or just for your office – the Pacman Heat Changing Mug is the best companion of all time. A portable fireplace and your favorite Pacman heat sensitive mug full of your favorite heated drink is just a perfect winter night celebration. Absolutely fantastic and funky, this cool heat changing Mug can be a perfect gift for this X-mas or New Year. For more collection of cooler designer mugs perfect for all season, check out with The Caffeine Molecule Mug, the Plug Mug Design, 2 Carat Gold Ring Mug or the Beverage Warming Cup.

Via: [Nerd Approved]