Virgin Mary Statuette: Celebrate The Dead

Christmas is here and, apart from getting ready to drink themselves into a stupor, everyone is also getting ready to belt out their favorite Christmas carols. If you’re one of the unlucky few without a Christmas tree (because your apartment isn’t big enough for one?) then just get yourself this uber cool Virgin Mary statuette.

virgin mary statuette 1

Yeah sure, most people would tell you this statuette is quite unlike the traditional Virgin Mary’s that you can find but that’s the best thing about celebrating in an unconventional way: it makes everything seem more special!

virgin mary statuette 2

The porcelain statuette by Derrick Castle is just over 7” tall and has been hand painted in metallic colors with Mexican folk art inspired motifs. The Mexican festival of El Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is a way for people to keep a connection with the departed souls of their ancestors; even with the dead involved, the day is about as scary as Halloween. Take a look at the feisty snake emerging from Virgin Mary’s bodice and the burning heart on the back; it almost seems to dare you to embrace your wild side!

virgin mary statuette 3

The motifs bordering her bodice and the burning heart on the back follow the theme of traditional American tattoo design. The melange of tattoo deign, Mexican motifs and belief in Mary’s purity create a stunning piece of art. Definitely something worth owning by every girl, no matter where one’s faith stands.

virgin mary statuette 4