Coffee Mugs with Caffeine Molecule Look Interesting!

It’s difficult for normal beings to refrain from judging others for practically everything, be it what you speak, one’s fashion sense and even the kind of accessories we use. I suggest use of these Cool and Geeky Coffee Mugs with an etched self-coined caffeine molecule on its front side to convey that you are unconventional in a geeky way to all the hypercritical eyes around you.


The first one is a stainless steel version which is perfect for traveling owing to its sturdy characteristics. The long body coupled with a thick black handle makes it groovy and perfect for any surroundings, be it your office desk or a kitchen closet. It boasts of being able to fix its bottom in most of the automobile cup holders.


The Dual-Wall Insulation with a Drink-through Lid will keep your beverage in the perfect temperature conditions. It can be bought for only $12.99.


The Small Glass Caffeine Mug too has the caffeine molecule emblazoned on its surface and shows what your beverage is like. It has a capacity of 10 ounces.


If you’re looking out for just for a simple yet intelligent coffee mug with no fancy frills, this glass version has it all for just $7.99 bucks. Both of these Caffeine mugs can make up for excellent gift ideas this Christmas as they break the monotony of usual Mugs with prints of cartoons, coffee beans, cuddly animals and even grinning pictures of oneself or loved ones. For more interesting Mugs, check out the Beverage Warming Cup, a 2 Carat Ring Mug Design and the Unplug the Plug Mug Design.