A 2 Carat Gold Ring Mug Design

It is a cup in disguise! You will definitely be fooled when you see this bright sparkling solitaire diamond ring on it, as a handle to this normal porcelain cup. If you think it is a nice idea, then maybe you can get one custom made for yourself. Designed by Yusuke Fujinuma, this 2 carat cup as it is called, does not hold any real jewels. It is actually a simple porcelain cup made up of porcelain, gold glaze and sparkling Swarovski crystal.

2 carat ring mug

To convince you of the disguise let me tell you that is costs only $25, making for a reasonably priced ring :). I think it is a great idea for a disguise, especially considering they have done it up completely by packing it in a elegant but over sized jewelery box with only the ring on display. So when you hand it over to your friends as a gift, at first glance it does look like a real diamond ring! Am sure they would not be disappointed even after they figure out its true identity, since it is a rare but beautiful design for a cup. Take a look at how it looks as a ring on the finger and inside the jewelry box…

2 carat gold ring mug

Another interesting cup you can be looking at is the beverage warming cup.

gold ring coffee mug design