The Orb Bluetooth Headset is the Size of a Ring Around Your Finger!

It looks fashionable enough to be the perfect ring on your finger and it is useful enough to bring you all your messages and calls. What you are looking at is the Orb bluetooth headset device disguised and designed to be small enough to fit you as a finger ring. Take a look at how comfortably it fits as an ear piece…

ring bluetooth headset accessory design

Brought to you by Hybra Advance Technology, it is a truly advanced gadget and a fashionable one at that! This device looks absolutely stunning and unless you already,  know you will never be able to decipher that it is a bluetooth headset.

ring bluetooth headset

It is also said that this device performs all the functions of a bluetooth headset, like the called id function, displaying reminders and text messages too.

Imagine being all dressed up and being on your way to attend a party and you have that one simple piece of jewelry missing from your finger, do not fret because your bluetooth headset can fit in there too! If you are interested in bluetooth headsets, then this Hello Kitty Bluetooth headset also might cater to your needs, or you could also combine your Orb bluetooth headset and ring with the BagTV, another gadget accessory which could come to your rescue!