Nesting Dolls Packaging T-Shirts

Everyone knows about the Matryoshka dolls and how they caught on to inspire several designs based on them, so here comes one more product which uses the Matryoshka dolls in its transparent form, just their shapes, as eye catching T-shirt packages.


matryoshka nesting dolls

Designed by DarkDesignGroup from Russia, this packaging has also received an award in a design competition during this year. Unsual always catches the eye, and if you are one of those who has an eye for the rarer details then you would end up collecting several such different packages like me, that i just cannot let go off!

matryoshka nesting dolls tshirt

If you are just a matryoshka fan then you should aslo take a look at this nestling doll handbag and key caps.


Source: Lovelypackage