Enjoy Playing the TV Test Pattern Puzzle

If you wish to give your brains some exercise during an otherwise lazy holiday and also want to have sum fun, try this test pattern puzzle designed by Tina Roth Eisenberg. Making use of paper composite, this test pattern puzzle has 280 pieces in total. Once every bit is fixed in its proper place, the entire things would have a dimension of 396 mm x 286 mm.


With the pattern of a graphic artwork, which also has an area marked for a digital clock, the entire puzzle would give your grey matter some good exercise for sure. You may even consider gifting this item to a friend of yours who won’t mind spending time on figuring out the answer to this puzzle. You can easily gift wrap the 205 mm x 150 mm x 54 mm box holding this test pattern puzzle and make your friend keep guessing as to what is there inside it.


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