Have Tons of Fun with this Ketchup and Mustard Condiment Gun

Presenting the condiment gun, that will ensure that you never look at condiments the same way again! We all love mustard and ketchup, whether it is on a hot dog, burger, sandwich or even as a dipping sauce. With these condiment guns, you can pretend you are in a western for food lovers 🙂

ketchup mustard condiments gun

I know the gun looks really childish, but I guarantee both kids and adults alike will love to use them. They’re really simple to use, simply fill the containers with your some ketchup and mustard. Once you do that, lock and load the barrel and you are ready to go out all guns blazing. The trigger acts like a control mechanism, and the force with which it is pulled determines how messy you are going to get.

The gun isn’t very big, only about 6” wide, 8.5″ long, with a 2.5″ diameter, so it is the perfect size for anyone to hold. For a small price of $23.99, you can take home this great new kitchen gadget, and revolutionize your bbq’s and picnics forever. If you want another cool addition, then add the Screw Shaped Salt and Pepper shakers.