The Heartbeat Coat Rack

This idea for a coat rack designed by Colin O’Dowd is fantastic and cool as well. The rack looks similar to a heartbeat or wave pattern with the up and down pulses, and could mean anything to you from that of your own heart beat  to the pitch of your favorite tune.

heart beat design coat rack

The waves moving up can therefore be used to hang coats, put your hats on or anything else that needs to be hung. Using numerous hooks on your wall seems so boring when you have this rack for an option which is so much intersting. The cool waves moving down can also be used to hang anything with a hook or a handle on it, and is therefore multi functional and can be used in a multitude of places.

These racks are made of 8mm steel wires that have been powder coated to four different colors – light green, white, red and black. It is 22.6″ in width, 10.6″ in height and 2″ in its depth and would cost you only $49 to buy and will be shipped free of charge within the US and Canada.