Bring Home Hollywood Beauty Icon Marilyn Monroe Bobble Heads

Marilyn Monroe is Hollywood’s greatest beauty and glamor icon and her life itself is an inspiration to scores of girls who are ambitious but lack basic support system of family and friends. All those lonesome ambitious and aspiring geek girls can bring home these Marilyn Monroe Bobble Heads and reinforce their belief in their dreams, for one is not born a successful person but becomes one by swimming against tides.

marilyn monroe bobble head toy

It is hard to believe that Marilyn Monroe, the heartthrob of Hollywood was brought up in orphanages and homes of different family friends and had to survive through many struggles, abuses and odds until she was noticed by a fashion photographer and doors of world of glamor world opened. From anonymity she was thrust into limelight and she reigned like fairytale princess and even dying young like a wronged princess.

marilyn monroe bobble head toys

The two 6 inches tall Bobble Heads – Marilyn Monroe Singer Bobble Head priced at only $10.99 and Marilyn Monroe Bobble Head priced at just $9.99 symbolize her talent and sex appeal which helped her ride fame till her death. Why just young girls, young boys and even older generation die-hard fans of Marilyn Monroe will love to bring this beautiful Blonde girl home as a collectible.

It is rare to find someone more beautiful, vulnerable yet strong like Marilyn Monroe. Movie-buffs who are into buying Hollywood collectibles can also check out Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Barbie Doll or The Titanic Barbie Doll. Blonde Marilyn Monroe as a Bobble Head doll beats all types of Barbie dolls.