Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

For some reason, Valentine’s Day seems like a Pink kind of holiday for a lot of people. And what’s more pink in character than Hello Kitty? Nothing. Which it’s why it makes such a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift.

Hello Kitty Lamp 

hello kitty lampThe ideas when it comes to the Hello Kitty lamps seem to be quite varied. From a lamp that seems like its lit and shut off by the adorable character itself, to a hanging-from-the-ceiling one that will have you or your kid’s favorite characters watching over you while you sleep, it’s hard to go wrong with Hello Kitty bringing a little bit more light into your life. Starting $14.99

Hello Kitty Bracelet

hello kitty bracelet#1: Made by The Sassy Tot (love the name), which costs $5.95, with shamballa beads making it glow in wonderful pink. While it’s probably more for the 4, 5 and 6 year old fans, it’s perfectly adjustable for older people, meaning you.

#2: A Hello Kitty Snap Charm for $8, which fits a 7 1/2 inch wrist and only ships to the United States at the moment unfortunately, because it’s really awesome.

#3: This Rhinestone charm bracelet costs $15 and was made from vintage to contemporary components, giving it a slightly worn look, which actually makes it even cooler than something right out of the factory.

#4: Quite a special item which sots $299. Made out of Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia Stones, Black Enamel, 14k Rose Gold plated and 14k Yellow Gold Plated, it comes from a 1980’s collection, which means it’s quite vintage (thinking the 80’s is vintage makes me feel old), hence the price, although for big fans of Hello Kitty, it might not sound as too much for a truly unique item.

Hello Kitty Bedroom Set

hello kitty bedroom set

When you love something, you wanna be draped and drowning in it, the same way George from Seinfeld feels about velvet. Having the same feeling about Hello Kitty, beds and sleeping is a little bit more fun, and normal. Starting at $19.98.

Hello Kitty Backpack 

hello kitty backpackThere are quite a lot of Hello Kitty item collections, pretty much an endless supply of them. But Hello Kitty backpacks seem to offer the greatest variety when it comes to color. While all-pink is nice, some Hello Kitty fans do like other colors too, so it’s good to have that kind of choice about what you strap on your back when going to school or any other bag-needing activity. Starting from $14.99.

Hello Kitty Card

hello kitty valentines day cardsWords can go a long way. Sometimes all you need to give your other half is simply a nice card with thoughtful words. If your gal is into Hello Kitty, letting her know how you feel in a Hello Kitty card will probably be much appreciated. Starrting at $1.98