Best Hello Kitty Wall Decal Stickers

There are countless ways to decorate our home. Decorations contribute to the freshness of our home and make it more innovative. It is like decorating the Christmas tree, except that this kind of decor can last at least for a year, or longer. However, it’s not an easy choice! There are brands to choose, the light angle, the color of our walls and the furniture. Indeed, finding the right sticker that will stick on our walls can be a tough job, even for the best!

Hello Kitty has been our favorite brand for many years, and like you can see, in previous articles, we presented you with absolutely adorable pieces of Hello Kitty furniture and cool gifts, Hello Kitty Valentine’s day Gift ideas and other widgets that serve its purpose. From the clothes, and school equipment to the furniture that decorates our room. ‘Hello Kitty’ also has some memorable Wall stickers that are either DIY or produced. Despite that, they compliment our walls with freshness and positive energy that never gets old. Moreover, children love it.

The right Hello Kitty decoration on your daughter’s wall will even more acknowledge her for the princess that she is.

In this article, we have listed our favorite Hello Kitty wall decal stickers featured by the ‘Hello Kitty’ herself! Keep scrolling and see for yourself!

Castle Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal Stickers Room Decor


This package introduces 32 Hello Kitty decals that are perfect for any angle of yours and your children’s room. The beautiful pink blends together and looks like it’s always been part of your room. The decals come as butterflies, bees, beautiful, detailed castle with a puddle and flowers growing, and of course her- The Princess Kitty. The perfect position for ‘Hello Kitty’ stickers definitely consists in putting it next to your/your daughter’s bed so she wouldn’t be scared of the dark, or monsters under the bed! She will feel safeguard coming from her favorite kitty, and she will just adore the look her room has now absorbed. Get it here.

Hello Kitty The World of Hello Kitty Peel and Stick Wall Decals


Decorate your children’s room in the most beautiful Hello Kitty Decors!

The decorating set includes ‘Hello Kitty’ decors that can compliment every angle and corner of the wall. In decoration of pink and baby blue, these stickers will sparkle and glimmer. It features the stickers of candies, cakes, ‘Hello Kitty’ butterfly and a wonderful Neighbourhood. The stickers are very intact, and extremely easy to apply, whether on the empty wall, next to the bed or wardrobe. These beautiful, and extremely cute stickers will make your little girl’s company when she’s on her own childish adventures. Buy it here.

Floral Boutique Peel and Stick Wall Decals


Your child will love these ‘Hello Kitty’ stickers that you can apply with ease absolutely everywhere.It comes with 39 decals that can apply very smoothly and easily to any kind of the smooth surface. You can apply it on any surface including beds, walls, wardrobes, tables, decks, notebooks and much more. if you don’t like the position anymore, you can easily position them on some other space, without causing ugly remains on the walls. You can get this Hello Kitty wall decal sticker here.


Get your room chic and stylish with the cutest decoration decals featured by ‘Hello Kitty’!

Your room will get a new refreshed touch that will make it look wonderful. These sticker decals are extremely easy to apply on the smooth surfaces. They are highly removable and repositionable, and they will make a great impact in your room. Your child will love it for the perfect details, and because her room will be decorated in her favorite character. Despite material not being quite thick, it will still be very durable product. Get it here.

Hello Kitty Inspired Wall Decal Sticker Art


Make your room look amazingly chic and stylish with these black ‘Hello Kitty’ decals for absolutely any position. Surprise your daughter with the most beautiful stickers that will be featured all across the walls of her room. Don’t miss a chance to give her a surprise that she will love. And the beautiful, cute decals will accompany her in her playing endeavours. Buy this cool hello kitty wall decal here. Hope you enjoyed this great list of Hello Kitty Wall decals stickers.