Enjoy a Slice of Japanese Culture with Domo Kun Cupcakes

Whether you are in the mood for celebration, need to break the monotony of eating regular cakes available in the market, or are recovering from an illness, nothing beats having some customized, delicious cakes baked just for yourself (provided your doctor allows it to be eaten in case you are on your way to recovery). So, if you are ready to experiment, why not bake your own Domo kun cake, taking inspiration from the cakes created by debbiedoescakes.

domokun cake-1

Based on the favorite Japanese character – Domo, who is the mascot of NHK television station in Japan, these cakes are sure to bring forth a different Japanese culture that not many of us know. With Domo’s big, sawtoothed mouth that’s wide open, these Domo kun cakes baked by debbiedoescakes not only seem temping enough to gobble up but will also be a treat to your taste buds.

domokun cake-2

So, bake your own Domo kun cake today and enjoy savoring the delicacy. To know more about some other innovative cake ideas, you can take a look at these Tetris cakes or Blue Cookie Monster cupcakes.