Another Bond Tied with a Tetris Cake

For every crazy Tetris fan out there, here is yet another Tetris cake designed like the game which would make every gamer want to have another Birthday party of exciting occasion.

tetris wedding cake

The cake by The Peas is three tiered, with abstract Tetris patterns on the sides and on top. Its made with pleasant but not too bright colors like gray, white, beige, brown etc. The cake is made in a way that it definitely has a three dimensional feel to it and every square is highlighted and shows an outline, while still having perfect squares. Although the work is very professional, this would never be my pick for a wedding cake. I would for instance prefer chirpier, happier colors. The only reason I can think of is that the pattern is complete with no spaces and maybe that is how they felt about each other??!

The shiny finish suggests that the cake is probably made with royal icing, which is very common for wedding cakes. Surrounding the cake are various gifts, including a game of Tetris, so, the person who it is made for must be a major Tetris fan, and in that case probably loved the cake. And nothing else matters so much, if the people it’s meant for really like it ,and can relate to it, does it?

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