Super Geeky Steampunk Wedding Cake

Rumor has it that most women fantasize about that perfect white wedding from the time they are 4 years old, but if that is true, then there is no explaining this awesome Steampunk Wedding Cake. I know its not conventional like the Prom Dress Cakes, and not too many people are keen on eating gears and levers and other metallic objects, but this cake is so beautifully crafted that it most definitely deserves to be eaten. Steampunk isn’t a common sci-fi genre anymore (I wonder why), but with cakes like this, it most certainly should be more popular!

steampunk wedding cake

This incredible cake was made by the people at Mike’s Amazing Cakes, which is a cake shop based in Seattle. Seriously, Steampunk never looked this delicious! Alright, it doesn’t look delicious, but it looks seriously authentic, like it came right out of a sci-fi book, and the gears and etc will start to turn and produce something even more magnificent. The best part though, is that every single gear, screw, nut and bolt can be eaten. Seriously amazing. Whoever got this cake must have had one pretty incredible wedding, too bad I wasn’t invited.

cool steampunk wedding cake

Via: New Launches