Tetris Design Blanket for a Geeky Baby

This blanket is definitely a sign of the Tetris effect among fans of the game who play it all the time. It most definitely is true that after a time one starts imagining everything in relation to the game, in squares that can be fit together, and one falls asleep dreaming of coloured grids.

tetris blanket design

Having said all this, the blanket by GracieLouWho is knitted fantastically with  five very pleasing colors of Peach, Cream, Blue, Violet and Green. The Tetris pattern looks amazing and is totally adorable for a kid, and any child playing and sleeping on a blanket such as this is bound to grow up to be a geek just like his parents who would get him such a blanket perhaps.

The edges look like they have been crocheted with the same colors, but is in fact also simply knitted and the last row looped to give it the effect.

This is definitely an amazing idea for a blanket and you might want to make a bigger version of the same with colors of your choice for a gift to your geek  friend or simply maybe even for yourself.

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