Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch

If you love pocket watches, this new innovation from Kisai is definitely something up your alley. The Kisai Round trip pocket watch truly redefines the way in which one shall view pocket watches in the future.

Complete with a dark lens, bright LED lights, and a totally unique way of viewing time, this is definitely the pocket watch of the future. What’s more, the watch can be easily carried and fitted as part of your chain or key ring just about anywhere without any problems, and is easily recharged through your computer, making it a really handy tool.

The best part, however, is the fact that once charged, it can actually last for a month. The watch is pretty lightweight at 58 grams and has water resistance up to 3ATM. The case dimensions of the watch are 41mm x 50mm x 11mm.

Reading time with this watch is truly unique, and is done by pressing a single button and deciphering LED lights. Orange LED lights depict the hour, and are arranged as that in a normal watch, blue LEDs depict minutes in groups of three, while green LEDs depict single minutes.

The watch comes complete with a manual that helps you understand the entire process, and it runs for only $74.

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