Alice in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat Cake Looks Yummy and Beautiful

Over the years, Alice’s tale has been retold by many story tellers. Alice and her wonderland friends have been the theme ideas of many parties and school functions.

For decades they have entertained and amused each coming generation. The fact that we have merchandises being designed around these characters goes miles to speak about their never ending popularity.

Cakes have become an area of showcasing ones creativity and what better theme to chose than Alice and her friends. One very recent addition to cakes dedicated to the Wonderland characters has come from NattyCakes1. The larger part of this cake is dedicated to the riddling character of the Mad Hatter. There is a small Alice sitting on the rim of the large hat. Cheshire cat is not far away from Alice and even has a wide grin on its face.

All aspects of this four-layered Chocolate Meria cake have been created with utmost care. One can see the extreme precision in every minute detail. Using sugar paste the decoration of the Mad Hatter’s hat has been given exact resemblance to Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter portrayed by Johnny Depp. The stars and the twirls look like gold embossed on the hat. The cloth running along the lower section is complete with detailed real looking folds. It would not be a surprise if Mad Hatter mistook this hat for his own.

Once again using sugar paste Alice and Cheshire Cat have been given shape. Alice is a little girl wearing a dress full of frills and pleats. NattyCakes1’s Alice is that perfect charming little girl sitting on the rim of Mad Hatter’s hat with the most pleasant smile. This blonde Alice has a well carved out face with a pointed nose and twinkling eyes. In this cake, she is that little girl made of ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’. Her dress has also been tailored near to perfection.

Cheshire Cat is the most happy creature you could have ever seen. The huge smile on its face is proof of the fact that this cat is in the best of moods. Probably its maker was also in a very good mood when creating this adorable piece of wonderland fantasy. If it looks good, it will also taste good. It would be a pity to have to cut the cake but cakes are meant to be cut. If justice has to be done to this amazingly good looking cake then it should disappear from all the plates as soon as possible. Go ahead and get lost in Alice’s Wonderland.

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Via: Flickr