Gun Shaped Ice Cubes Tray is Cool, Literally!

On a hot sweltering day the best treat that one could get would be a cold and refreshing drink loaded with ice cubes. When these ice ‘cubes’ come in the shape of guns, they are sure to shoot the heat out of you.

A gun in the house is not a safe idea. It can cause harm to you or to anyone else visiting you but let us make an exception here. The guns we are talking about here are 100 per cent safe for you and even better if you serve them to your guests. If you have children in the house they too will enjoy having them around. And guess what? You do not need to have a license to own one. Rather you can own a minimum of six in one purchase.

What we are talking about here is a silicone ice tray that makes gun-shaped ice ‘cubes’. The tray is designed by the Hong Kong designer Winnif Pang. Each mold has been very intricately designed keeping the basic shape and details of a real gun. Every proportion has been taken into account and when seen in enlarged form it does not give an impression of being an ice gun that is just a block of ice.

Every ice tray gun can yield a maximum of six guns at a time. The tray has been made from excellent quality food grade silicone rubber. Being food safe you can use it for purposes other than making ice. Imagine having an ice cream frozen in a gun shape or how about freezing some flavored ice guns. It is absolutely dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean every indent with ultimate cleanliness.

Although a gun it is not as big as a normal sized one but far smaller – small enough to fit in to your glass. 18 cm x 14 cm x 1 cm is its size which helps it slide into any standard sized glass.

You don’t have to be part of the Corleone clan or for that matter any other mafia group. To own a fully loaded gun like this is as easy as purchasing any other utensil for your household. Moreover these guns are absolutely safe for you and your family, in fact entertaining. Go ahead and grab your set of guns, and give yourself and your family a chilled drink loaded with the extra punch.

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Via: Forever Geek