Madokadoke Bracelet with Hidden LED Watch Looks Stylish

Modern designers are trying to break conventionality and create something new from the ordinary. IDEA International’s new design project “Untrod” is all about designing new products by undoing conventional concepts. Madokadoke Bracelet LED Watch created by Ross McBride for the project’s first theme of creating a watch that is new in concept and function is very stylish and innovative.  This is the time to expect range of new products which combine the best of  technology and fashion.

madokadoke bracelet watch1

Madokadoke Bracelet Watch’s main appeal and beauty is that it actually hides an LED watch. The stylish bracelet becomes a timepiece only when a button is pressed.  It is more of a stylish bracelet, thus changing the entire concept of a conventional timepiece.

madokadoke bracelet watch2

It would be ideal for people who don’t want to stare at the time and be reminded of deadlines all the time. It is important to get lost in space and time, and let the soul get re-energized. The presence of time should be hidden and this bracelet watch symbolizes that the time is omnipresent, and only the wearer can decide when to check it out.

madokadoke bracelet watch3

As a bracelet, it is highly fashionable and can be worn in the office or at any parties.  Geek chic will love this new awesome contemporary accessory which is very similar to Conceptual Gadget Bracelet and less geeky than USB Wedding Ring.

Via Design Milk