The Keyport Slide to keep your keys organized

If you are having problems with placing your multiple keys in your purse, here’s the solution to your problem – the Keyport Slide.

With a price tag of $79, the Keyport Slide is a modern gadget that promises to make the traditional keychain a thing of the past.

Using its metal key organizer, you can now keep a maximum of six keys with “blades” safely and retrieve them whenever you want to.

With its lightweight built, you no longer need to fumble with your single keychain where keys of various shapes dangle, making it hard to get hold of the right one.

When it comes to merging functionality and style, this Keyport Slide offers you an easy solution for getting hold of the desired key from a plethora of things stored in your purse or pocket. So, use it in style today!

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Via: LarryFire