Dyson Conceptual Gadget Bracelet: Power on the go!

Women like to keep things stylish, but that does not necessarily mean we wear a blindfold when it comes to utility. Dyson Energy Concept Gadget Design is probably on similar lines. The bracelet design has a lot on the technological front as well. It seeks to make sure that your lifeblood meaning your phone is never out of charge, at least in situations when you need it the most.

gadget bracelet design

It’s based on the Seebeck effect, wherein the temperature variance between  the skin surface and ambient air  produces a voltage difference between the two substances.

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The energy is then captured for future use in an internal Li-Po battery pack.

bracelet for women

A micro-USB port on the bracelet will help you connect your phone and energize it.

gadgets for women bracelets

If this concept ever hits production, its going to shadow the concept of travel chargers.

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