A Precious Vessel: The Right Choice for Tea Connoisseurs

The art of drinking tea involves the art of pouring it, using the best possible tea sets available with you. If you are a connoisseur of tea, then you will truly rejoice at this exquisitely designed tea set, which is guaranteed to enrich your tea drinking experience with its simplicity and elegance.

tea set-1

The beauty of this tea set designed by Nikko Van Stolk is that it has gone through a variety of materials before this final set was created.

tea set-3

Paper and foam were initially used to create this exquisite piece, which is now available in plastic and aluminum that are hand polished.

tea set-3

The beauty of this design is that the tea cups and the tray were introduced at a much later stage but now form the basis of this entire set.

tea set-2

The compactness of the design adds to both the beauty as well as the aesthetics of the design, while not compromising on its functionality in any manner.

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