Geeks Will Love These Google Android Pillows!

Long gaming or virtual world sessions can make one insomniac for not just virtual world keeps playing in mind even real world comes in conflict with unreal and all hell breaks loose. Geeks will love these Android Pillows which will offer right kind of solace to ones with tired eyes and soul. One can feel at home with this endearing Android and a pillow always gives comfort without being emotionally demanding.

google android pillows

Pillows apart from helping you rest your back or head can serve awesome purposes too – they can decorate your home space and you can also vent all the emotions through pillow fights or hysterically rip it apart or may even wet it with flood of tears. This Android pillow will bear it all and will be always there with you in real and virtual world. Android pillows created by Craftsquatch are made of softest fleece and can be ordered from Etsy for $19.99. They made not be comfortable to sleep on but they will make your space geeky like your soul and will give comfort in their android ways.

google android pillow

Many other interesting geek design pillows have been featured in the past couple of all time favorites are Color changing thermo sensitive pillow and the Sushi pillow.

Via Walyou