Thermosensitive Pillows Change Colors

Its end of the year, holiday mood and new year, probably the best time to reach out to near and dear ones with big and small gifts. Take a look at these Thermosensitive Pillows which change color with temperature or warmth. I am sure one would love to give them as a New Year gift to someone who is feeling really sad and cold. It would make coldest heart warm to see this pillow respond to touch and warmth.

unusual pillow

Thermosensitive pillow may seem to be highly geeky stuff for geeky homes but the statement this gift would make will mean much more. It seems these pillows change into different colors depending on the body heat. In a world where everyone prefers to bond in virtual space and are isolated in real world this touch responding pillow will mean a lot for lonely ones. Thanks to a gadget inside pillows will at least reciprocate to the warmth!

Of course there is a naughty side to this gift idea too, give it to someone who has moved in to live with a partner and let them enjoy pillow fights, cuddles while seeing the pillow changes colors. These pillows cost $150, so go ahead get one for your home too. Hope they come up with Thermosensitve cuddle toys too – it would be fun to see teddy change color whenever you hug or give it a squeeze! You could also take a look at some weird Sushi Pillows, if you are a foodie.