Tasty Sushi Pillows Helps Dream of Food Without the Calories

Inspired by the sushi rolls, as the name suggests, the vibrant colors and the texture of these fabric pillows will only have you craving for more of these amazing imperishable art forms.

nigiri sushi pillow

Pillow in the form of food…sounds like two of my favorite activities in life are mixed together –  Eating and Sleeping.  These new pillows having various names like decor item, comfort and trendy pillows, but they are also called a form of art or at times the show stoppers. The Sushi pillows were innovated in the year 2004 by two actors and the first pillow was handcrafted, with all looking like the tasty treats that have become such a powerful trend.

ikura sushi pillow

These pillows made of polyester, rayon and cotton and are named the ebi nigiri sushi pillow, the ikura roll sushi pillow and the flat California roll sushi pillow, respectively and cost from $34.99-$44.99. The Sushi pillows make great gift items probably because they give a sense of fun and humor, they also blend food, art and comfort into one single product which makes them catchy!

california sushi pillow

Via: Perpetualkid