Farm Animal Mini Vac Feeds on Dirt Crumbs!

Cute animal gadgets that help make simple daily chores a breeze is something every woman will fall for. The Farm Animal Crumb Vac is no exception to this. It’s hard not to litter around when you’re doing too many things around the same place,  say near your mean machine. You can’t obviously have a bulky machine around to keep your desk spick-and-span which is why this dainty little Vac makes a perfect choice. It can pull up food crumbs and dirt from nasty corners like spaces between the keyboard or in chairs. It can also be used for cleaning your dining table between meals.

cute animals mini vacuum

It stands 6″ long, 3″ wide and 2.5″ tall which suggests you shouldn’t involve these cute animals in cleaning your whole apartment. It’s not food crumbs that would keep these farm animals grazing for more, 2 AA batteries provide the necessary juice. You have three options of a Pig, Elephant and a Cow to choose from for a price of $15.99 each. If you are looking for other cute gadgets for around the house, then check out the Plug Mug Design, the Floppy Disk Pouch or even the collection of Cool Alarm Clocks.