Cool Floppy Disk Pouch is Cute!

floppy disk pouch

One of the biggest advantages of galloping technology is that it made on-disk storage extremely cheap. Floppy Disks, at one point of time, was one of key medium for storage, but with the dawn of DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs, one can’t even imagine keeping useless stuff stored in them anymore.

cool floppy disk drive

The Cute Floppy Disk Pouch serve as an ode to one of the earliest compact storage medium. The black and white attire with checkered cloth inside makes one go gaga over it. It has no diamonds laced around the corner or brand stamp to don and it yet makes me long for it. They are available in lively color options of green, orange, yellow and many more. You could use it to keep small things which would otherwise get lost in your chaotic wardrobe or handbag. It retails for $18 and is available from the shelves of Etsy.

floppy disk drive purse

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Via: Walyou