A Small Compilation of Handbag USB Flash Drives

Handbag USB flash drives are probably the best way to carry your data around. It is quite an appropriate metaphor as well. Here is a collection of four different Handbag shaped Flash Drives that are not only cute, but are really useful as well.

The first in the collection is for an older consumer, for these flash drives are shaped like sophisticated clutches. Like a regular Women handbag, as you keep storing information on the flash drive, the actual size of the handbag keeps increasing. Designed by Dima Komissarov, these handbag flash drives are definitely the perfect accessory in more ways than one.

designer handbags usb flash drives

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The second USB flash drive handbag is the most girly one around. One side of the handbag protects the USB bit, and the handle connects the two ends. Despite the kiddy design, these USB drives can store anywhere from 1GB to 8 GB of memory and even the most expensive (8GB version) costs $39, quite a decent buy especially since its so cute.

handbag usb flash drive

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The third handbag USB drive in this collection is more in the form of a handbag shaped locket that has a retractable USB drive. It looks really nice, especially since it is studded with stones. It’s like the kind of thing you would give your daughter for graduation (or wear yourself), and it combines the geeky with the pretty making it the ideal gift (well, you could gift it to yourself you know) for any occasion.

usb flash drive handbag

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There is one final USB handbag that is also a necklace pendant (multipurpose seems to be the trend here). This one is jeweled too and comes in two different colors with 2GB worth of storage available.

women handbag usb flash drive

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