Versace Watch MP3 player is Hi Tech Luxury Fashion

A multitasking watch is exactly what you are looking at. Looks can be deceiving, and the diamonds on this watch are not real, but this VERSACE’s watch decorated with fake diamonds does not need to please with it’s looks, since it performs several functions which makes it much more useful.

versace watch mp3 player

This watch has a complete MP3 player, with a built in digital voice recorder, which lets you record and store up 1 GB of conversations, reminders and such, and play songs all day long. Besides that you can plug it into your computer to store files and other data, since it functions just like any other USB flash drive.

This Versace watch aids you in multitasking, which all the ladies are already so efficient at, so while you are multitasking, listen to some songs and stay on top of all the errands you have to run.

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Via: Surprisinggift