Grow Saplings in Cute Ceramic Egglings Planters

Interested in gardening? Specially potted plants? Then you will surely love these ceramic Egglings. These ceramic creations look like real eggs. You just break open, put some seeds and watch the little plants sprout and take form. It is always joy to watch a new leaf or a new branch tender grow.

ceramic egg planters

These Egglings are good green gift ideas too. If you are green campaigner, then this is an ideal gift you can give someone. They come in small boxes measuring 2.25” x 1.75” and cost about $9.50 including a terracotta tray and seed pack. Once the saplings grow a little they can be easily transferred in to bigger pots or replanted in soil. Till then these Egglings can be kept easily on window sill or even on office desk and nurtured for months, and will give a green look to home and office.

ceramic eggs shaped planters

Feeling low? Order here and gift yourself one of these cute magical boxes from which an egg will emerge and from the egg will sprout a green flowering plant. If you are artistically inclined then also check out Bomb Shaped Flower Vase.

cool ceramic planters shaped like eggs