Plantronics Pink Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset is Too Good to Resist!

Plantronics Discover 925 Bluetooth Headset isn’t a newbie on the tech shelves. What was not seen before is the pink version of this premium earpiece which is all geared up to drool the fairer sex. Its small and dainty but the size is not suggestive of its amazing features.

plantronics discovery 925 pink bluetooth headset

What would appeal most to women is its diamond shape and its portable case which, in my opinion alone, can hold a lipstick too. It has a silicone ear-tip to render complete comfort and stability. Moreover it comes in three different sizes to combat issues relating to perfect fit. The Multipoint Technology is a milestone feature here, allowing users to use single ear-piece for two Bluetooth phones at the same time.

It provides relatively less and most useful controls likeĀ  voice activated calling and redial, with basic functions like answer or reject a call, end a call, make a call, transfer a call between earpiece and phone, or swap between mobile phone handsets can be done with a press of a single button.

It’s definitely not rare to run out of battery when you need it the most, as the makers here have left no stone unturned when it comes to charging options. There is an AC Adapter, a USB cable and yes, the fancy case, which not only looks chic, but can boost the energy levels in the earpiece each time it is inserted. Well, it definitely couldn’t get better than this, unless you are looking for a Hello Kitty Bluetooth set, which girls and Hello Kitty fans will go crazy for.

Product Via GearDiary