Barbie Doll Thumbelina Twillerbabies Bracelets Are Here For Real!

Fans of Barbie Thumbelina must be eager to see Twillerbuds bloom into Twillerbabies after they were saved by little Makena. Yeah Twillerbabies are now here for real and little fans can get this assorted set of Twillerbabies dolls and wear them as bracelets to show off to their friends.

barbie doll thumbalina ring design

Barbie doll became real for everyone when she started becoming part of all fairy tales series and movies. When she took on Thumbelina the whole world of trees, flowers, Twillerbees and Twillerbuds came alive and Barbie told us how little Makena helped save them all in her own characteristic way. Those Twiller buds have bloomed here into Daisy, Tulip, Hydrangea, Rose, Dahlia and Sunflower doll Twillerbabies living within their flowers and are attached to bracelet rings.

One can order assorted set here for $55.95. These assorted bracelets come in all colors and can be matching accessories to different dresses. Little ones can gift them or exchange them with friends too. Twillerbabies doll assortment will add up to loads of girlie fun. They’ll make them giggle and laugh for hours.

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