Hanging Babylon Fireplace Shows Some Unconventional Design

cool hanging fireplace design

When we talk about Fireplaces, we often tend to paint a picture of something that has bricks laced around it and wood logs fueling the fire.  But the whole concept of a Fireplace has been revolutionized with designers discarding away the conventional look and bringing mind-boggling forms with no sacrifice on  its utility. The Hanging Babylon ethanol fireplace is definitely on top of the heap. 

cool fireplace design

Probably the burner will make you think of this as another whimsical design, but it is actually held by steel cables.  With no wood logs to fuel the fire and soil our mother nature, the suspended burner uses ethanol to save you from spine-chilling winters.

cool home fireplace design

The maker, Stephane Perruchon, calls it Babylon and offers to make it in any shape that you want, be it rectangle, circle or just any polygon. Its definitely for folks who seldom settle for something that is conventional and found in every other household. But on the flip-side, no word on its price and availability.

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