Pretty Little Flitter Fairies

Fairies hold a charm for everyone, no matter what age. These wonderful Flitter Fairies are definitely no different. Whether you are a little baby, or you are 80 years old, you will definitely be captivated by these pretty little fairies.

pretty little flitter fairies

These fairies flitter and flutter and flap their wings, and fly and do a whole bunch of really cool stuff, which makes them a really good buy at $19.99 at, especially if you have a little girl. They even come with a length of pixie silk and a wand, which makes the whole experience incredibly magical. All you need is a little start dust and moonshine and you’re all set for you very own fairy tale.

The Flitter fairies come in a number of colors which are picked randomly. There is a blue fairy, a pink fairy and a green fairy. To work the fairy magic, all you do is clip the clip on either your clothing or your hair, or somewhere convenient. You can then see her flutter her wings in a truly elegant way. After that, you use the wand and you can watch her fly around gracefully. It is definitely the perfect gift for any girl of any age. These fairies would even prove incredibly fascinating for little babies with their movement and grace.

little fairy doll fritter light

The Flitter Fairies work on AG5 Batteries which come included with the pack. You will also get 22″ of Pixie Silk (which is actually a transparent, strong chord that attaches itself to the fairy and the wand). The fairy is just under 5″ tall and the wand is about 8.5″ long.

Take a look at this video that shows the fairy in action