Barbie Doll MP3 Players Fulfilling Every Little Girl’s Dream

Every little girl around the world will be eying these Barbie Doll mp3 players with longing. They are not only incredibly adorable, but they are also useful, making them a great gift. 

barbie doll mp3 player

In fact, it isn’t reserved to girls under the age of 10, but even the older ones and possibly a few boys.

cool barbie doll mp3 player

This stylish new mp3 player has 512 MB of space and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, however there is no version out yet for the Mac OS. Buying this mp3 player will even give the owner access to a whole heap of features at The Barbie Girl MP3 Player has adjustable earbuds, a belt clip, funky storage case, a CD to register the device as well as a docking station. The absolute best part is that there are two different styles to choose from, so for only $16.99, you know you are getting the only kind available of this model.

new barbie doll mp3 player

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