Tetrish Dishware is an Awesome Ode to Good Old Tetris

It would be very difficult to find any urbanite not familiar with the good old game of Tetris. Tetrish, tray with dishes of various shapes filling it up seems to be inspired by the shapes of this retro Tetris game. We all have spent hours trying to flip around and stack up falling blocks/bricks of different shapes to make a wall. Falling shapes are quite intriguing indeed and I sure only a gaming fan can think of Tetrish design.


There is no information available about the material used or the price but there is contact address for those who want to inquire and order right away.  Tetrish will surely be cynosure of all eyes at any parties or get together. In fact to fit all the different shapes in to the tray will be a puzzle game in itself and each guest will surely get a unique shaped dish, different from the neighbor. These small different size and shaped dishes in the Tetrish can easily hold awesome dessert pieces. It is one of the best designer geek crockery you can ever think of and it will surely make others envious of your taste. The minimalist simplicity of the game is reflected in this awesome product.

Tetrsh 3

Tetris has been inspiring many creative designers, take a look at Tetris Blanket for a Geeky Baby and Tasty Tetris Cake.

Tetrish 2

Studiodotdotdot Via: Walyou