The Snow White Andromeda Watch Flaunts Attitude and Style

This is one watch any woman out there would love to sport on her slender wrist. This is one watch that gives ‘girl attitude’ a whole new meaning.

Covered in a winter-white body with a blood-red LED display, the ‘Andromeda’ watch is a product of the eclectic Japanese imagination. With simplicity and attitude woven together in a knockout design, the watch could not have been designed elsewhere, except for Japan.

Andromeda 1

The watch has a plush strap, snow white in color with a straw-mat design on the exterior.  The inner lining of the strap is skin friendly vinyl.

The retro vinyl strap is broad, bold and makes a distinctive style statement. The LED display of the watch has ruby red digital on a marble white panel. Images from Snow White, where the Queen pricks her hand and drops of blood fall on the snow, immediately spring to mind. Also, the design aesthetic of red on white appeals instantly to the eye.

Andromeda 2

Andromeda’s LED display is structured differently. Two rectangular tablets are joined together in the middle. The upper rectangle tells the time, the lower rectangle keeps the date. Two push buttons, one on each rectangle, is provided to adjust the time and date.

Andromeda 3

There is quite a back-story to this piece of girl fashion. Andromeda is said to be from a future where women rule the roost. The guys have been relegated to an ineffectual minority. The women who rule society are a clan of female assassins not afraid to let their swords do the talking.

Andromeda 4

Such a radical feminist future would probably exist only in fantasy literature. The Andromeda, however, is real and is blessed with the spunk and badass attitude of female fatales.

Andromeda 5

Sporting an Andromeda will double your seductive prowess; men will go weak in their knees offering you diamonds and fancy cars. The watch can also come with a ‘don’t mess with me’ tag.

If you are partying with your girlfriends and some sleek, smart ass fella tries to act fresh with you, just flash your Andromeda. The fella would be apologizing to you in no time.

An Andromeda oozes sexuality, confidence, and attitude. Stevie Nicks, Natalie Merchant, and Liona Boyd are said to posses this beautiful white watch.

Andromeda 6

If you don’t wish to possess a piece, the snow white watch could be the perfect gift item for your girlfriend, and it is priced under $16.

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