Backsplash Faucets: The Creative Makeover Your Bathroom Deserves

When you think of your bathroom, all you can associate it with, are traditional, silver faucets because let’s face it, there is not much room for creativity. Well, with Backsplash Faucets, I promise you, that attitude is going to change, because Backsplash faucets are quite the opposite and nothing like the boring faucets we are accustomed to using.

Backsplash Faucets
Backsplash Faucets 2
Backsplash Faucets 3

Backsplash Faucets by Tom Robbins have revolutionized faucets as we know it, both in technology and design. And the amazing part about these faucets is that they are incredibly easy to install, just 30 minutes with minimal tools, require no usual plumbing and carpentry  and it can be attached to any sink or basin without causing any unwanted wall damage. Some of its other cool features include an EZ Wall Rough, which is a new wall mount valve rough that enables easy installation and connects easily to the hot and cold valves already present in your bathroom, QuikChange Handles that allow you to use and replace as many Backsplash faucets as you want and not just in silver, but in the color of your choice. What makes the Backsplash Faucets unique however, is that apart from the wide variety of handle designs available you or your kids can make your own handles, giving you creative freedom to make one of your choice using even wood, glass, clay, driftwood and gluing it on the Backsplash Faucet handle blank or Backsplash can custom-design it to your requirements!

Backsplash Faucets 4
Backsplash Faucets 5

Switch to Backsplash Faucets and you could also get yourself an Illuminated Bathtub or AQ Hayon Bathtub and let those creative juices flow!